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Management Team

Chauncey Mitchell - President/COO

Former positions include Navy Training Air Wing and Squadron Commander, Joint Staff Officer specializing in C4ISR, Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum Issues and Navy Battle Group Staff Officer conducting Electronic, Strike and Surface Warfare Commander operations. Mr. Mitchell, a decorated 28-year veteran/combat aviator, is the 2003 recipient of the National Naval Officer's Association's "Dorie Miller" Award for excellence in leadership and mentorship.


Shayan Alam - Technical Director

He received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in machine intelligence from the University of California - San Diego . He is also the founder of a non-profit entrepreneurial organization called VentureForth@UCSD and is involved with the Triton Enterprise Network, UCSD Alumni Association's entrepreneurial group. For his involvement in the community he was named one of San Diego 's Top 10 Next Generation Innovators in 2003.


Dr. Dan Alspach - Chairman

Former CEO and founder of ORINCON and former professor at UCSD. He is also a founder of the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technologies (CCAT) He is the past recipient of the IEEE Millennium Award and Outstanding Alumnus of the Year from UCSD.


Dr. Thomas C. Bache - Program Manager

Dr. Bache is currently President of Composite Strengthening Solutions, a startup company formed to develop new systems to protect civil and military structures against terrorist attack. Prior to January 2004 he was an SAIC Senior Vice President and Group Manager for the SAIC's Defense Technology Group with more than 300 employees at ten locations and annual revenue >$70M. In his 20 years at SAIC, he created and led organizations of increasing size by developing and leading defense R&D and systems integration programs. Earlier in his career he spent three years as a DARPA Program Manager. Dr. Bache is an entrepreneurial scientist and engineer with a strong preference for the flexibility and agility of the small company environment, but also emphasizes the importance of alliances to provide adequate breadth and scale. He received his BS (Engineering Sciences) from Purdue University and his PhD (Applied Mechanics) from UCSD.


Tessie Theodorelos - Contracts Manager

Mrs. Theodorelos is currently the Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning at Intelligent Systems Technology, Inc. Prior to joining ISTI in 2001, Mrs. Theodorelos was the Corporate Controller for ORINCON Corporation for nineteen years. Before joining ORINCON, Mrs. Theodorelos worked for ten years in Public Accounting. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of San Diego and did her graduate work at UCLA. A member of NCMA, Mrs. Theodorelos has spent most of her professional career at firms doing business with the Government and because of that expertise has been a presenter at NCMA educational seminars.


Robert Hillyer - Advisory Board Member

Robert M. Hillyer, until January 2001, served as a Sector Vice President, Maritime Technology Sector, of SAIC. The Sector had over 700 employees engaged in the development and support of both military and commercial maritime systems. Prior to joining SAIC, in 1995, he had over 33 years experience in the Naval Laboratory System and four years as Executive Vice President of ORINCON Corporation. He held various technical and management positions in the Naval Laboratories, culminating as the Technical Director of both the Naval Weapons Center (NWC) and the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC), two of the Navy's principal RDT&E Centers, and as the Director of Naval Laboratories. As Director of Naval Laboratories he had responsibility for the seven Navy RDT&E Centers and provided oversight of the Naval Research Laboratory. As Technical Director of NWC and NOSC, he directed the technical program and assumed responsibility for financial management, personnel, contracting, and facilities. Each of these RDT&E Centers had over 1600 scientists and engineers and annual budgets in excess of $500M. As Executive Vice President of ORINCON, a high-technology, small business specializing in signal and information processing, he provided oversight of all technical activities. Mr. Hillyer holds the Department of Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award and was awarded the Rank of Distinguished Senior Executive by President Regan.

Since retiring from SAIC in 2001, Mr. Hillyer has served as a consultant and in Board Positions.




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